Jhakataka and bhakataka?

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<'Quarrel, conflict', etc, does
seem to fit the context.>
So, if we relate it to jhagaḍ ‘quarrel’(Turner 5321). jhagṛā  --
the supposed NIA ‘derivatives’ do not have the second vowel of Turner --  can be used almost in almost all NIA
languages. No Sanskrit source finds mention in the CDIAL. An early attested
form seems to have been jhakaṛā (Abhidhānajājendra). This and Sanskrit jhakaṭa (Şaḍbhāṣācandrikā
ed. Kamalaśankar Dvivedī 1909-10) find mention in Vangīya ŚabdakoshHaricharan
Bandyopadhyay, 1932 (rep.1978). Apparently, this is not onomatopoeic.If
the equation stood scrutinyjhakaṭaka should have been an extension by
the addition of –ka.

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Thanks again to all who replied to this question. 'Quarrel, conflict', etc, does seem to fit the context.

Martin Gansten

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