Jhakataka and bhakataka?

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Am 12.05.2011 10:53, schrieb Martin Gansten:
> Many thanks to Madhav, Patrick and Christophe for providing additional 
> sources for the quotation 'vidyā ha vai ...'. I now have a rather 
> different question:
> In a late 16th-century text (the Praśnatantra attributed to 
> Nīlakaṇṭha) I came across the two words jhakaṭaka and bhakaṭaka, which 
> I have been unable to find in any dictionary. A Google search tells me 
> that the former occurs in Samantabhadra's Ratnakaraṇḍaśrāvakācāra, but 
> brings me no closer to a meaning. Any light on these two words would 
> be most appreciated.

Richard Schmidt: Nachträge zum Sanskrit-Wörterbuch (1928), p. 194 lists 
jhakaṭaka, "Streit" (quarrel); Jhakaṭakasāra, proper name; jhagaṭaka. He 
does not have an entry bhakaṭaka.

Google Books gives some results, too. E.g., Abhijit Ghosh: Non-Aryan 
linguistic elements in the Atharvaveda: a study of some words of Austric 
origin. Calcutta: Sanskrit Pustak Bhandar, 2000, p. 158 (for jhakaṭaka).

Hope it helps
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