Slightly cheeky enquiry

James Hegarty hegartyjm at GOOGLEMAIL.COM
Thu May 12 08:05:12 UTC 2011

Dear Colleagues,

This is an Indological enquiry, but perhaps more related to research  
logistics than it should be.

I am planning to spend the first half of next year in Nepal. I will be  
affiliated to the Lumbini International Research Institute, but I will  
be resident in Kathmandu.

Do list members have any contacts that they might share in terms of  
accommodation and schooling in Kathmandu?

I have two children (who will be 8 and 11 at this time) and am  
struggling to establish school contacts in particular.

Please forgive me for such a nakedly self-interested enquiry!

Best Wishes,

James Hegarty
Cardiff University
hegartyj at

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