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Dear Bob,

this may not immediately help you, however, W. Rau had authorized me long ago to get his 'Staat' translated into English, along with his monographs on archaeology, weaving, metals, arrow poison, etc. (we will also include his English papers: on the donkey, on settlements, etc.) The translation has long been done (best to enquire with Patrick Olivelle). However, it has not been finalized. W. Rau also insisted that I read  a proof.  

So there is definite hope is that all of this will appear in English sooner or later ...

Please keep reminding us!


On Mar 31, 2011, at 2:19 PM, Bob Hueckstedt wrote:

> Trying to find for purchase Wilhelm Rau's 1957 book published by Harrassowitz _Staat und Gesellschaft im alten Indien nach den Brahmana-Texten dargestellt_ I've hit nothing but deadends. Grateful for any help.
> Bob Hueckstedt

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