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Dear colleagues,

vi.s.nubali is a prenatal sa.mskAra, performed by the VaikhAnasas in  
the eigth month of pregnancy (together with sImanta). In the  
VaikhAnasa literature this is often contasted with the pancasamskAras  
of pAncarAtrins, which is a dIk.sA and includes as one element the  
branding of the upper arms with the heated metal symbols of disk and  

For details see

Ute Huesken 2009. Vi.s.nu?s Children. Prenatal life-cycle rituals in  
South India (Ethno-Indology. Heidelberg Studies in South Asian Rituals  
9). Translated from German by Will Sweetman. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz.  
ISBN: 978-3-447-05854-4. (with DVD)

VaikhAnasas are Brahmins, yet there are a few passages in their  
sa.mhitAs suggesting that they also conferred an initiation on others.

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