No incoming Sanskrit students at Andhra University :-(

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The problem with Sanskrit education in India is that its attraction lies
 mostly in the guarantee of jobs in schools. When Classical language is 
made an optional subject in the secondary stage most schools drop the 
posts of Teacher-in-Sanskrit to save money and the bell tolls for 
Sanskrit, when made compulsory the University Departments overflow. In 
Bengal at present we are seeing a tide following a long period of ebb. 
Let somebody howl and influence a big constituency in Andhra, they will 
see good days. 
Another fact. Till the early part of the twentieth century there was a 
natural attraction for Sanskrit. The University Sanskrit departments 
drew the best students till about the sixties in Bengal. The decline 
came after that. 
I often wonder if the same problems arose in the West too regarding Greek and Latin. I asked some friends. They were reticent or did not know. Will somebody kindly enlighten us?

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I was there as a student in the Wisconsin program 30+ years ago (actually 
in Telugu, but Sanskrit and Telugu were housed together).  It was a pretty 
lively place back then...
Has there been a similar dwindling of Sanskrit students at other large 
Indian public universities? 
Herman Tull


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University :-(


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