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Many thanks to George Cardona and Gary Tubb for their learned corrections
and clarifications on the "dviṣam dviṣam" issue.


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 Dear Dominik, When you suggest taking dviṣaṁ dviṣam as an iterated gerund
with -am, I suppose you mean the type accounted for by Pāṇini's *ābhīkṣṇye
ṇamul ca* (3.4.22).  However, this would then be *dveṣaṁ dveṣam*, like *bhojaṁ
bhojam*.  I suggest that the phrase in your text has iteration as accounted
for by *nityavīpsayoḥ* and means 'every single one who hates them'.
 Regards, George

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