Tibeten~Sanskrit Idiom Query

Stephen Hodge s.hodge at PADMACHOLING.PLUS.COM
Thu Jun 23 07:30:35 UTC 2011

Thinking further last night, I conclude that Dominik's proposal, with 
Tibetan confirmed by Andrey, must be the underlying term.  According to the 
reverse index to Lokesh Chandra's Tib-Skt lexicon, "nyan mi btub pa" is 
included somewhere in there, but it is well hidden since it does not turn up 
under any of the Tibetan components as far as I can see.  However, the 
Aṣṭāṅgahṛdaya was one of his sources.  It would have been nice to have 
another attestation, however.

I also think that "avidheya" accounts for the Chinese version which must 
have read "avijñeya" or similar, probably via a Pkt form, which would be a 
typical misreading for my Chinese source.  In fact, this was exactly the 
problem I was trying to account for.

The probability of an underlying "avidheya" is corroborated by the next part 
of the Tibetan text, since I note also that the form "vidheya" was used 
inter alia for "khas len-pa" which is close enough to the converse 
"len-par-byed-pa" in my text.

This all just goes to show how retroverting Tibetan to Sanskrit can be 
fraught with difficulties for less common words and phrases.

Anyway, many thanks to everybody for the suggestions !

Stephen Hodge 

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