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Dear Friends,
The two books are available at the Central Library, Visva Bharati too.
One might find interest in the following piece of information. I had to render some of the inscriptions of Asoka into Sanskrit for teaching at the class. Old Persian Inscriptions, Avestan passages and MIA inscriptions and texts are very often taught in India with Sanskrit renderings. Late Professor Sukumar Sen taught us Old Iranian (Avesta,Darius and Cyrus) at the Cacutta University with Sanskrit rendering. Later Professor S.R.Banerjee did the same for his students.

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Skt rendering of Asokan inscriptions is found in;

Srinivasa Murti, G. and Krishna Aiyangar, A.N. 1950. Edicts of As'oka (Priyqdars'in). Adyar: Adyar Library. The Adyar Library Series no. 72. 

Sen, Amulyachandra. 1956. Asoka's edicts. With a pref. by Suniti Kumar Chatterji. Calcutta : Published for the Institute of Indology by the Indian Publicity Society, [1956]. Institute of Indology series, no. 7.

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> ...  a translation of
> Asoka Edicts into Sanskrit.

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