Burgess: Tamil and Sanskrit Inscriptions

Andrey Klebanov andra.kleb at GOOGLEMAIL.COM
Sun Jan 2 21:49:43 UTC 2011

it seems that this book is currently being scanned at the library in Goettingen:


probably, one can contact them and ask for a guesstimate about how long it will take before letting anyone else double their efforts. (with some luck, such an inquiry might even accelerate the digitalization)


On 02.01.2011, at 22:36, Jonathan Silk wrote:

> This book is listed as being held in Leiden. However, as it is older than
> 100 years, one cannot check it out (!). I may be able to have someone scan
> it, but as implied by your message, Tim, that might depend on the condition.
> If you come up with an alternative in the meanwhile, do let me know.
> jonathan
> On Sun, Jan 2, 2011 at 5:34 PM, Lubin, Tim <lubint at wlu.edu> wrote:
>> If anyone has access to the following, exceedingly rare volume (so it
>> seems), please contact me off-list -- a scan would be fantastic.  I have
>> been surprised at how elusive it is:
>> Burgess, James. 1886.
>> Tamil and Sanskrit inscriptions, with some notes on village antiquities,
>> collected chiefly in the south of the Madras presidency.
>> Interlibrary Loan has failed because the only copies to be found are either
>> too fragile to be sent or the library flatly refused.  Google Books has two
>> listings, but no preview, let alone full PDF, even though the book is
>> ancient and never reprinted.  DLI and Internet Archive have nothing, either.
>> The book is not even in the IFP library when I checked there.
>> Thanks.
>> Tim Lubin
>> Washington and Lee University
>> lubint at wlu.edu
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