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I rotated the cover shot (27kb) and lightened it up a bit for better viewing.

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Dear Colleagues, (I hope that this comes through better than y past

A local gentleman, a California winemaker by profession, visited me today to ask me about a book in his possession that had belonged to his late grandfather.  Upon inspection I found it to be a two volume set consisting of a handwritten English translation of the Adhyātma Rāmāyaṇa with an introduction by one Anand Ghan who describes himself  as "A Member of the College of Brahmins at Benares" and who claims that he translated the text from "Sanscrit into Persian" and "Again translated from the Persian into English".  It is dated 1804 and appears to have been purchased in India, perhaps by the grandfather for Rs. 8.

The book is in quite good condition. The handwriting is quite clear and the English excellent.

The owner was reluctant to leave the book with me but  I was able to take  two images from it that I snapped with my mobile phone. One is of the title page of the first volume and one is from a randomly opened page to show what the text itself looks like.

I would be interested to know if any of you know anything about  Pt.  
Ghan or the history of his double translation.
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