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Lars Martin Fosse lmfosse at GETMAIL.NO
Tue Dec 20 10:58:06 UTC 2011

Dear members of the list,


A person who is not a member of the list asked me to pass on the the
following request to you.

"Ecological Linguistics appears to be out of business. They are not
answering their email, nor answering their phone, nor answering their snail
mail. I was a user of their Macintosh Devanagari font for Systems 9 and
earlier, which doesn't work on OS X. They upgraded that font for OS X, but
are no longer around to fill orders. Would someone be kind enough to send
that updated font to sfauthor at In fact, I may only need the keyboard
file, since I updated all of my OS 9 fonts with a program called
FontXChange. Huge thanks in advance! "

Best regards


Lars Martin Fosse


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