Kokila Sandesha

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Here are the editions and translations I know of the Kokila-sa.mde/sa :

1°) ed. T.K. Kri.s.na Menon, Rantu 
sande/sa;n;nal, Trichur: Keralakalpadrumam Press, 
1903 (with the /Sukasande/sa + Malayalam 
translation by Ko.tu;n;naluur Kuññikku.t.tan 
2°) ed. P.S. Anantanaaraaya.na /Saastrii, 
Kokilasande/sa, Trichur: Mangalodayam Press, 
1913, repr. 1939
3°) crit. ed. N.P. Unni, Kokilasande/sa of 
Udda.n.da, Trivandrum: College Book House, 1972; 
rev. ed. Trivandrum: Keralasamsk.rtam 
Publications, 1997
4°) transl. and comment. Paul Martin-Dubost, 
Poèmes d'amour du Kerala, Paris: Les Belles 
Lettres (Collection «Le Monde indien»), 1983.

>Is anyone able to help me find Uddanda Shastri's 
>Kokila Sandesha?  There was an edition published 
>by Dr NP Unni from Trivandrum I think and 
>possibly others but I am unable to track down 
>any edition or version of the text.
>Thank you very much in advance


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