Assistance requested in obtaining copies of two doctoral theses on Sanskrit grammar

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The first doctoral dissertation is also published. It is written in Skt. The details of publication are almost all the same as given by Jesper Larnæs. Only the series volume number should be "16" instead of "15". I have a copy of it. I would expect many North American libraries to have it, too. Perhaps the publisher also can still supply a copy.


On 2011-04-22, at 5:04 AM, Peter Wyzlic wrote:

> Am 22.04.2011 um 13:00 schrieb Jesper Larnæs:
>> Miśra, Adya Prasada (1966). Prakriyākaumudī-vimarśaḥ (=Sarasvatī Bhavana Studies 15). Varanasi: Vārāṇaseya Saṃskṛta Viśvavidyālaya. [A Vārāṇaseya Saṃskṛta Viśvavidyālaya doctoral dissertation from 1964].
>> Saini, R. S. (1965). Post-Pāṇinian systems of Sanskrit grammar, with special reference to their technique and scope. Delhi. [Unpublished].
> In case you are not aware of it: Saini's thesis was published in 1999 under the same title and is, maybe, still available: Post-Pāṇinian systems of Sanskrit grammar / R.S. Saini. - Delhi : Parimal Publications, 1999. - x, 277 p.
> Hope it helps
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