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Notice of publication – Bodhasāra: An Eighteenth Century Sanskrit Treasure
by Narahari - Translated by Jennifer and Grahame Cover with contributions
from Kanchan Mande and a foreword by Swami Dayananda Saraswati. This is the
first English translation of Narahari’s 18th century Sanskrit text,


Website contains insights and information about the book. 

Paperback version available at and
Hardcover version available on application to contact at


Bodhasāra is a good text for University Sanskrit classes. Living up to its
name it contains the essence of knowledge of the whole – knowledge of
advaita, yoga, Hindu practices and much more - in fine poetic Sanskrit using
striking metaphors and witty humour. This publication contains Sanskrit, in
Devanagiri and transliterated fonts, on left hand pages, and English on
right hand pages. Special care was taken to create fine English expression
that remains faithful to the original Sanskrit. Divakara’s commentary was
read and absorbed into the translation. 


This publication of Bodhasāra has been launched and well-received in
Australia (Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane) and India – at Pune University
and Rishikesh. The translation was praised by Sanskrit scholars in Pune and


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