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Fri Apr 15 20:08:48 UTC 2011

Dear list members,

I am pleased to announce the publication of a new translation of Dara Shikoh's Majma' al-Bahrayn (in Italian): 

Muḥammad Dārā Šikōh, La  congiunzione dei due oceani, a cura di Svevo D'Onofrio e Fabrizio Speziale, Milano, Adelphi, 2011.
Pp. 170, ISBN 9788845925597, EUR. 14.

The translation is based on a new critical edition of both the original Persian text and its Sanskrit counterpart (Samudrasaṅgama) by S. D'Onofrio. The publication of the critically edited texts is currently under preparation.

Best wishes,

Svevo D'Onofrio

PhD, Research Fellow
University of Bologna
Department of Linguistics and Oriental Studies
via Zamboni 33 - 40126 Bologna, Italy
Tel: +39 051 2098471
Email: svevo.donofrio at

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