Persian and Arabic borrowings in Sanskrit

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one the earliest instances (11th century) of a Sanskrit text incorporating several Perso-Arabic loanwords in a Sanskritized form is the Buddhist Kālacakra Tantra. 
John Newman's article Islam in the Kālacakra Tantra, "Journal of the International Association of Buddhist Studies", vol. 21, no. 2, 1998: 311-371 gives several examples and even has a list (p. 333) of such words.

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Il giorno 06/apr/2011, alle ore 20.03, Martin Gansten ha scritto:

> Many thanks to all who responded to my query so far. I have consulted Weber's work, and now find that I need to qualify my original question somewhat.
> Weber (1887: 21) gives a list of Sanskritization of Persian phonemes in the Pārasīprakāśa (c. 1600). However, this list does not quite tally with the examples I have seen in Sanskrit astrological works dating (probably) from the 13th century or earlier. One obvious possible explanation is that pronunciation had changed over the intervening centuries.
> My modified question, therefore, must be: what are the earliest documented examples (preferably lists) of Sanskritized Persian or Arabic words after, say, 1000 CE?
> Vidvajjanadayāpātram,
> Martin Gansten

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