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Dear All,

As my friends in Malta tell me:  you will be pleased to hear that the  
Gita has now also been translated into Maltese, and that into Malti  
safi "pure Maltese".

As many will know, Maltese is a European language derived from  
Arabic, but due the history of the islands, is has heavily been  
influenced by Italian and English.  The translation by the scholar  
and poet Michael Zammit studiously avoids such loan words.


While it may be beyond most Indologists to understand Arabic and thus  
Maltese, I recommend to take a listen to the website. Each of the 18  
chapters is preceded by about 1/3 of commentary --- and that can be  
followed due to the many Italian loans.

In the early 1980s our colleague W. Callewaert counted 1900  
translations of the Gita. How many by now?


M. WItzel

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