Trade in Medieval Sanskrit Literature

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Mon Oct 25 12:08:48 UTC 2010

Dear Patrick,
This is a bit on the side, but there's an article by V.S. Agrawala  
about a ritual at a well preceding sea voyages for trading purposes in
Agrawala, V.S.: “The Seven-Sea Gift in the Matsya Purana” in    
Purana . Bulletin of the Purana Department. All India Kashiraja  
Trust,Vol. 1, No. 2 Feb. 1960, pp. 206-212.
Stella Sandahl
ssandahl at

On 25-Oct-10, at 7:41 AM, Patrick Olivelle wrote:

> Friends:
> A colleague without access to Indology and working on trade in  
> India 600 CE onward asks whether there is any Sanskrit textual  
> material that would be useful to her. I think there is some  
> material in the Katha literature -- Pancatantra, Kathasaritsagara,  
> Hitopadesa etc. She also wants to know whether there is any  
> secondary literature dealing with this aspect of the Katha  
> literature. Any help would be deeply appreciated. Thanks.
> Patrick

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