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Not so! One such prprietor who, as I heard, had kept their mss with the VVRI were the Lal Chand Trust who later took them back into their own premises at Delhi. VVRI was given the right to use them. There was no question of anything going back to Lahore. The entire Hindu population had crossed over to this side of Panjab. As for the said Bhajan Lal I do not know anything.

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Are you referring to the MSS that are today in the DAV College, Chandigarh?
I am not aware of any VVRI MSS having gone back to Lahore after partition.

An important collection of Sarada MSS was given (sold?) to the VVRI in the
1930s by Dr Paira Mall, who lived in Amritsar, and also bought MSS from
Bhajan Lal, I believe.


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> One of the most prominent collectors/preservers at that time was the then
> nascent VVRI Institute, Lahore, later shifted to Hosiarpur. They survived
> the partition holocaust but, later, many mss had to be given back to the
> original proprietors for whom the VVRI had preserved those.
> Will this help?
> DB
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> Subject: [INDOLOGY] Bhajan Lal MSS dealer
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> Has anyone come across the bookseller and manuscript dealer Bhajan Lal, who
> was active in Amritsar and Bharatpur in the 1920s-1940s?  He sold many
> manuscripts through Banarsi Das, Lecturer in Hindi at Lahore Oriental
> College (and colleague of Woolner), both to Lahore and to the Wellcome
> Library in London.  Many MSS in these collections have his distinctive
> dealers label stuck to their covers.
> I would be interested to hear whether anyone else has come across this
> Bhajan Lal.
> Best, and thanks,
> Dominik Wujastyk

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