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  Dear Dr Wujastyk,

*I wish you all look into the last line of the news and help the organisers
to be in touch with any scientific agencies which might be interested in
conducting a study / research on the effect of the ritual.*

Here is the link to the report from Hindu

Panjal, a sleepy village in Kerala's Thrissur district, will once again be
the venue for ‘Athirathram,' considered the oldest Vedic ritual in the

This will be hosted by the Ottappalam-based Varthathe Trust from April 4-15
at the vicinity of Panjal Lakshmi Narayana Temple.  Universal harmony
Considered the ultimate invocation of Vedic scriptures for universal
harmony, Athirathram 2011 aims to promote universal harmony and spiritual
enlightenment.  Preparations According to the organisers, preparations for
the ritual are in full swing as it requires abundance of resources and human


The expenses are estimated to touch Rs 1 crore and the organisers are
expecting at least 15,000 people to witness the rituals daily.

Panjal was the venue for Athirathram held in 1975 under the leadership of
the US Harvard and Berkeley Universities and Finland's Helsinki University.


The event made global headlines for its message of peace, universal oneness
and solidarity.

The choice of Panjal, as the venue for Athirathram 2011, is in line with
geographic and Vaasthu principles.

The ‘Yagashala' (where the ceremonies will be performed) is uniquely
positioned to imbibe the energy of the sun, which has made Panjal the venue
for almost key yagas in Kerala in the past. Panjal is also in close
proximity to the Edappal Shukapuram Temple, regarded the epicentre of all
Yaga rituals.

The Athirathram cuts through all barriers — caste, religion, race, colour
and sex — making it a true union of humanity to invoke the bounty of
universal energy to promote solidarity and peace.

*The organisers are also planning to approach the scientific community to
study the various effects of the ritual on the atmosphere and surroundings.*

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4. Original DVD of 1975 Panjal Athirathram from USA
http://www.der.org/films/altar-of-fire.html Some part of the same is
available in YouTube : http://www.youtube.com/user/dunlope07
5. Who is Frits Staal ? http://philosophy.berkeley.edu/people/detail/29  or
also look into http://www.fritsstaalberkeley.com/
6. The tradition of Vedic Chanting - listed in the World Intangible heritage
List http://www.unesco.org/culture/ich/index.php?pg=00011&RL=00062
7. The (7) above in YouTube:

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