Siddham seal (edited)

John C. Huntington huntington.2 at OSU.EDU
Fri Nov 12 14:14:50 UTC 2010

Dear Jonathan et al,

I have edited the Taiping  seal to an enhanced grayscale image that may assist with the reading. 

It may (or may not) help with the reading
It is certainly outside of my knowledge of Siddham


On Nov 12, 2010, at 4:22 AM, Jonathan Silk wrote:

> dear Colleagues,
> A colleague, an art historian working on China, has asked me about a seal on
> a Tang period document connected to the Taiping princess, daughter of the
> legendary Wu Zetian. (The seal may have belonged to Taiping's second
> husband, Wu Yanxiu, a nephew of Empress Wu and thus a cousin of Taiping) It
> appears to me that the seal is in Siddham, and the last akṣara is ma, the
> previous one having a long ī mātra. More than that I am (even more) unsure
> of. I am wondering if one of the cyber-gurus can read this. Several Chinese
> sources seem to suggest that it might refer to saṁyak-saṁbuddha, but looking
> myself at the seal, I don't see how that can possibly be the case. I regret
> I do not have a really good photo, but perhaps the attached will enable
> someone experienced in such decipherment to help?
> very best, jonathan
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