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according to Baudh SulvS I.16 together with I.7 and I.3 one aratni would come to 45.7 cm given that the measurement for one angula is 3/4 inch. (c. 1.905 cm). This calculation is based on botanical consideration, i.e. 1 angula = 34 tila (sesam indicum) or 14 aNu (panicum miliaceum). According to my perhaps outdated view (see my Beweisverfahren in der vedischen Sakralgeometrie, 1978, pp. 156-7) the differences depend on whether the seeds are taken with or without husk and measured by breadth or length.
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Betreff: [INDOLOGY] aratni

Friends: here is a question. I am trying to get the measurement of the Sanskrit aratni. Both M-W and Bohtlingk gives the old measurement "ell" -- which is said to be 45 inches (1.14 meters). This surely cannot be if the measurement is from the elbow to the tip of the middle finger. Apte gives the measurement as 24 angulas (i.e., about 47 cms.). The latter is also the measurement given by Basham in his Wonder.

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