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Tue May 18 13:26:53 UTC 2010

Dear Colleagues,
Baraha worked with my Windows 7. iLEAP did not work. But it accepted a new non-unicode inscript processor similar to iLEAP. But otherwise my experience with Windows 7 has not been happy. It does not accept the old DOS based conventional programming languages. 
I do not know if I have read it correctly but It seems that Windows aims at keeping its users  more and more dependent on it by withdrawing the opportunities of independent programming. My vendor advised me to instal the new Windows based Visual Basic Studio (Visual Studio 2008)to do programming as one formerly did with TC or QB. The Acrobat writer began to function only after that. It has some user friendly packages. That may be useful for commercial users. And, apparently, things are better. But, perhaps, freedom is curtailed.  For me it may take time to get used to the new set up. To make things as good as with the previous version, it seems advisable to keep a Windows XP ready.  However since I am no expert more knowledgeable colleagues may kindly comment.
Best for all

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Subject: Re: [INDOLOGY] Help with keyboard
Date: Monday, 17 May, 2010, 9:46 PM

I am a big fan of Baraha.  When I first made the shift to Windows 7, Baraha produced the infamous boxes, etc.  However, I think I caused the problem by changing the settings in the "Region and Language" area of the control panel (something that I think was required in XP, but apparently not in Windows 7).  I set everything back to default, and Baraha started to work. Incidentally, I use Baraha Direct, and type directly into Word 2007.

I realize Windows and Word are for those of us trapped in this world of nescience, but they do have great utility, and I find that with them (and Baraha) I am able to easily produce serviceable devanagari.

Herman Tull
Princeton, NJ

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> dear kenneth and others,
> i recently tried to install anything i know regarding diacritics, from
> gandhari-unicode to baraha, on the windows 7 computer of one of my
> students. I learned, to my surprise, that nothing worked at all with w7,
> even though different programs use different approaches to override the
> standard windows keyboard layout. i could neither find a solution nor the
> reason for this, nor any kind of workaround. i simply failed. i decided to
> avoid w7 for myaself, [as long as possible] and told my student to do the
> same. she now uses xp again - and no problem at all with either of the
> approaches tried in vain on w7.
> so i can only recommend to downgrade to xp, as long as one cannot use
> another os with suitable software available.
> if anyone has a solution for the w7 problem, i also would be grateful for
> detailed information.
> sorry, if some of you find this response lengthy and useless, what it in
> fact is.
> cheers
> juergen
> Am Mon, 17 May 2010 20:56:07 +0200 hat Kenneth Zysk <zysk at>
> geschrieben:
>> I just acquired a new computer with Windows 7. I downloaded Gandhari Unicode fonts and tried, but failed, to download the Keyman keyboard layout. Can someone kindly tell me how to acquire the necessary keyboard accessory for the Gandhari Unicode fonts with Windows 7.
>> Many thanks in advance.
>> Best,
>> Ken
>> Kenneth Zysk
>> Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies
>> University of Copenhagen
>> Artillerivej 86
>> DK-2300 Copenhagen S    Denmark
>>  Email: zysk at
> -- __________
> Jürgen Neuß

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