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Dear Indologists,

The responses to my too broadly worded posting have been kinder than it deserved. Upon reflection, I find myself surprised by the understanding some senior scholars such as Dr. Dominik Wujastyk have displayed of why I, a graduate student, could have written the way I wrote. I made a mistake not just in posting a private message to the entire list but also in expressing myself the way I did, as well as in arriving at the view I expressed. I am sorry. 

After some persons who care for me questioned me privately, I realise that I should have critically examined my own assumptions and expectations and that I should not have used such a broad brush in speaking of my experience at Concordia. Having recently come from India to North America, I should spent more time to understand the differences between university systems, particularly the differences between their philosophies of education and organizations, and the changes that are taking place in Western universities. My phrase "doing Indology in Concordia" should have been accompanied by a statement on university experience in general and on some aspects of studying Indology in North America.

I am NOT dissatisfied with the professors in the Department of Religion at Concordia. I am at Concordia because of Professor Shaman Hatley who, besides being a wonderful man, is a very good specialist of the field that interests me and is a meticulous Sanskritist. As my advisor, he has been extremely supportive all the time. I obviously do not have any complaints about Dr T.S. Rukmani. Many of you must be aware of her scholarly achievements and her prolific research output in the field of Yoga in particular. Also, I know that the work done by Dr Leslie Orr on Tamil inscriptions is viewed as original and highly significant.

Again, my apologies for the time I made you spend because of my mistake and for the damage I might have caused to the image of the Department of Religion at Concordia. In the future I will try to express myself more carefully.

Yours sincerely,

Mrinal Kaul

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