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Dear Colleagues,

We would like to voice our displeasure about the recent exchange on this list regarding the Department of Religion at Concordia University and express our support and our deepest appreciation of the work both in research and in teaching which has been and continues to be done by our colleagues in South Asian Studies at our fellow Canadian intitution. 

Yours sincerely,

Christoph Emmrich, Buddhist Studies, University of Toronto

Srilata Raman, Hinduism, University of Toronto


Christoph Emmrich
Assistant Professor, Buddhist Studies
Coordinator, Numata Program
University of Toronto, UTM

christoph.emmrich at utoronto.ca

Department and Centre for the Study of Religion
University of Toronto
Jackman Humanities Building, Room 303
170 St. George Street
Toronto, Ontario M5R 2M8, Canada
 +1-416-918-5939 (o)
 +1-416-978-1610 (f)

Department of Historical Studies
University of Toronto, Mississauga
North Building, Room 148
3359 Mississauga Road North
Mississauga, ON L5L 1C6, Canada
 +1-905-828-3744 (o)
 +1-905-569-4412 (f)

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