Gandhari Unicode

rajam rajam at EARTHLINK.NET
Sun Mar 28 23:19:08 UTC 2010

Many of us may have legacy texts encoded in a home-grown font from  
the pre-Web era. And, I 'm sure you (just like me) have started to  
put them in Unicode.

For my part, I've started converting my legacy texts (in  
transliteration) to Gandhari Unicode, which I find quite easy to use.  
I downloaded it from the "Early Buddhist Manuscript Project" page (U  
of Washington) at: . The installation instructions are  
easy and the installation process is smooth. Keyboarding is easy too.

(I heard that Gentium is an excellent font as well for rendering  
transliterated texts.)

For Tamil, I use the built-in Unicode font that comes with the  
respective operating system (Mac or PC).

Although a bit tedious and slow due to the heavy volume, I have been  
able to write macros and convert my legacy texts to Gandhari Unicode  
and Tamil Unicode.

Once you have your texts in Unicode, it's easy to use them as you  
like. They interface well with modern technology -- HTML/XML,  
JavaScript, PHP, PDF, ... .  (Also, it should be easy to convert from  
one typeface to another within Unicode.)

You can see some samples at my site: 
proto.html (click on the links for Project 2 and Project 3 and go  
from there)

V.S. Rajam

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