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Will Sweetman has pointed me to: :

It certainly appears  from p 8 here that Kern was not there (although Speyer
was--this was from his days in Amsterdam--he came to Leiden only after
Kern's death, I believe). It is somewhat awe-inspiring to read the list of

Thanks so much--I think this answers my immediate question. Though now I
wonder why Kern was not there--he is mentioned in the minutes as being one
of the people who should organize the next meeting were it to be held in

thanks so much!!  jonathan

On Wed, Mar 24, 2010 at 4:53 PM, Jonathan Silk <kauzeya at> wrote:

> Friends,
> I wonder if someone who has the proceedings of the Fifth International
> Congress of Orientalists held in Berlin in 1881 on his or her bed-side table
> (!) would be willing to look up something for me (it appears that while our
> library has the volumes for the 4th and 6th, we don't have the 5th). Is
> there  a list or index of attendees/participants? I know that the Japanese
> scholar Bunyiu Nanjio (Bunyu Nanjo) attended, along with his teacher Max
> Müller. What I am interested to know is if Hendrik Kern was also there. I
> think he must have been, but at least the bibliography I have does not list
> a publication of his lecture (as it does for example for his contribution to
> the 6th meeting of the same congress). I am trying to find out if the two,
> Nanjo and Kern, might have met there. (Sadly, the correspondence files of
> both respective scholars were destroyed, so I can't track any letters they
> would have exchanged.)
> With best thanks in advance, Jonathan
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