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Wed Mar 24 04:18:54 UTC 2010

Just to reiterate this point, a few centuries into the Christian era  
we also find the terms saayujya and saayojya used by those for whom  
the liberated state is not conceived of as any sort of union, and  
terms such as kaivalya used by those for whom the liberated state is  
not one of isolation, and terms such as apavarga and du.hkhaanta used  
by those who conceive of the liberated state as characterised by an  
attainment of bliss and/or power, rather than simply as a release.

Dominic Goodall

On 23 Mar 2010, at 19:16, Fitzgerald, James wrote:

> While I think it is cerainly the case than when the term nirvAna is  
> used in (pre Gupta) Brahminic texts there is awareness that it is a  
> "nAstika" (they don't typically say "bauddha") term of ultimate  
> importance, I think we need to establish carefully how the word is  
> being used in the specific context, without assuming that highly  
> detailed or specific Buddhist themes are carried with it.

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