Anyone heard of a flower called "aniccam?"

rajam rajam at EARTHLINK.NET
Sun Mar 21 06:00:13 UTC 2010

Has anyone on this list come across a plant/flower type named  
"aniccha" in any non-Tamil literature?
Has anyone seen it (in person or in a picture)?

"Aniccam" is listed just as a flower in early Tamil poetry. Later on,  
the focus is on the flower's super sensitivity--about how it would  
wilt at the contact of human breath, how it would harm a woman [with  
a slender waist] if she wears the flower without removing its  
stem, ... and so on.

There is a thought that the term "anicca" is derived thus: a + iccha  
(a + icchaa - Without Desire/Wish).

What is your thought? Are there similar flowers extolled in non-Tamil  
poetry for such super sensitivity?

Thanks and regards,
V.S. Rajam
< (>

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