trivalI in compounds

Oliver Fallon opfallon at YAHOO.COM
Wed Mar 17 10:39:02 UTC 2010

Yes, perhaps it is a post-Paninian usage, or even a Prakritic usage.
It might have become accepted usage with ref. to P. 2.1.50 as Victor has
pointed out, even though it is not a proper noun.
If it is Prakritic, a clue might be given by Bhaṭṭikāvya 13.1 (where the
language is simultaneously Sanskrit and Prakrit) "kiraNa-AvalI-sa-vilAsA".
I do not understand the commentator Jayamaṅgala's reference:
""kRdikArAdaktinaH" ity anena Avalir AvalIty ubhayam api saMskRta-prAkRtayoH
prayujyate" Where is "kRdikArAdaktinaH" from?

I only have DhanasAragaNi's commentary on BhartRhari (ed. Kosambi), which is
not much help.
Does anyone else know of any more useful commentaries?

with thanks,

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