trivalI in compounds

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Sometimes it appeared to me that the long ī here is a post-Pāṇinian development. See particularly the Pāmādigaṇa on 5.2.100.
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From: Oliver Fallon <opfallon at YAHOO.COM>
Subject: trivalI in compounds
Date: Tuesday, 16 March, 2010, 5:18 PM

Dear List Members,

Can anyone help finding a reference in Paninian literature for the
lengthening of the final vowel of trivali to trivalI in compounds?

MW says "f. in comp. the 3 folds over a woman's navel (regarded as a beauty)
VarBṛS. lxx , 5 Ṛitus. GarP."

I have looked in P. 6.3.114-139, which appears to be the relevant section,
but may have missed something.

With thanks,

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