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Greetings All:
	 A counter-petition that is circulating in support of Doniger has come to my attention. Here is the note accompanying the counter-petition as well as the link ( (embedded in the note). It appears that the author of the counter-petition is Raja Choudhury, whom I know nothing about. This seems germane to Indology as the petition was discussed a few weeks ago.



> I am shocked to see that thousands of Hindus and Indians gathering online in a Taliban like way to force the withdrawal of Wendy Doniger's excellent book "The Hindus: An Alternative History" published by Penguin.
> The petition for the withdrawal of the book can be read at - where it describes the book as insulting and hurtful to Hindus and Indians everywhere. That is ridiculous.
> In reaction to this I have launched a counter petition at with a point by point response to their erroneous analysis and would be grateful if you could let everyone you know about this.
> This petition is a counter response to the shameful demand for the withdrawal or banning of this excellent book. I support much of what the book purports and even more importantly I support Wendy Doniger's right to write, publish and propagate her opinion without the misplaced intervention of xenophobes and Indic or Hindu arrogance. I urge Penguin not to succumb to the pressure of this group and instead encourage them to take the high road as well as the path taken by most Hindus throughout history and allow for the free exchange of ideas, discussion and dialogue. We are an inclusive faith and an ever-absorbing people and do not condone xenophobia or prejudice of this kind. 
> There is a big protest planned in favour of the book at the National Book Critics Center Awards on Wednesday 10 March 2010 at 6 pm in New York. Please do join or sign your name to our counter-petition.
> Thank you all lovers of free speech and Hindu tolerance.
> Raja Choudhury
> raja at
> +91 9871586502

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