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correction: there certainly are plans, already in an advanced state of realization, to publish the proceedings from the conference, but these proceedings will not contain most or any of the papers from the panel in question.
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> Subject: Re: The Sivapadas of Ancient Cambodia
> There are no plans to publish the proceedings. The most significant parts of my own contribution on the terminology of maps and map-making in ancient Cambodia are included in a joint article on the 11 century stela inscription K. 1238 written with D. Soutif that, inshallah, should come out in BEFEO before too long. I am not aware of any of the other papers beings in print.
> The project Corpus des inscriptions khmères intends to bring out a volume on the epigraphy of the western and eastern "Sivapaada temples in a still rather hazy future.
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> Arlo GriffithsEFEO/Jakarta
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>> Subject: The Sivapadas of Ancient Cambodia
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>> Dear List,
>> I am interested to know if there are any plans to publish the proceedings from this conference from 2008 by the European Association of Southeast Asian Archaeologists:
>> The Sivapadas of Cambodia I-III
>> Or have any of the individual papers been published separately? Perhaps there are some list members who presented at the conference who might wish to comment on or off-list?
>> Thanks much for your assistance.
>> Best Wishes,
>> Benjamin
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