Wendy Doniger under attack again

Viktoria Lyssenko vglyssenko at YANDEX.RU
Mon Mar 1 10:34:58 UTC 2010

The Penguin may propose to Mr.Vishal Agarval to support his accusations with examples, arguments and facts. Otherwise, it looks like purely emotional Hindutva rethorics.
> Trouble at t'mill once again. 
> Vishal Agarwal has posted a message here: 
> http://www.southasiamail.com/news.php?id=58891 
> asking people to sign a petition to Penguin demanding that they withdraw her 
> book*The Hindus: An Alternative History* from publication and that Penguin 
> apologize (to whom?) for publishing her book. 
> Best, 
> Dominik 

Здесь спама нет http://mail.yandex.ru/nospam/sign

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