(Xe)(La)TeX, (L)Edmac, and Velthuis query

Stefan Baums baums at UW.EDU
Sun Jul 4 13:43:32 UTC 2010

Dear Birgit,

I very much agree with you that that marking up primary texts and our
scholarly output in TEI would be worthwhile, for each of us
individually and for the field.

> If you know any scripting language that can deal with XML
> (perl, php, python), getting a TEI-compliant XML source text
> for a critical edition to LaTeX source code for printing with
> ledmac, or to HTML for online publication, is quite simple
> (time-consuming, but simple).

Another route that I have been dabbling with and plan to use more
seriously (for automated edition typesetting from our Gāndhārī
database) is via TeXML:


This is a little preprocessor for TeX that allows one to express
(La)TeX files in XML syntax, turning the programming task into a
transformation from one form of XML (TEI) into another (TeXML), which
can be accomplished quite elegantly and efficiently using XSLT.

All best,

Dr. Stefan Baums
Graduate School of Literature
Bukkyo University

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