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Further disasters at King's College London.

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Subject: FW: Online petition for BMGS at King's
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 Dear all, they are trying to destroy Byzantine studies at King's. Please
have a look at the petition and spread the word! Best wishes, Barbara


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Subject: FW: Online petition for BMGS at King's

Dear Byzantinists & Medievalists,

King's College London is proposing to dismember the Byzantine and Modern
Greek Department and disperse its members among other departments. This will
severely undermine the past decades of work carried out by successive chairs
and lecturers to build up this major centre for research in the UK.

Marc Lauxtermann has begun an on-line petition which we urge you to sign.
The SPBS will continue to campaign, and welcomes any suggestions as to how
to maximize its impact.

The url is:

Please pass this on to all who may be interested.

Antony Eastmond

Secretary, Society for the Promotion of Byzantine Studies

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