Can you help with Sanskrit translation?

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Sun Feb 21 04:39:17 UTC 2010

Kiran - more properly kiraNa - means a beam of light usually
Das is a surname that means servant. It is commonly taken by followers of the Vaishnava Bhakti path. It means 'servant of god' to indicate humility and not a lower class type of servant.
Dean Michael Anderson

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From: Horacio Francisco Arganis Juarez <h.arganisjuarez at YAHOO.COM.MX>
Subject: Can you help with Sanskrit translation?
Date: Sunday, February 21, 2010, 4:02 AM

Dear Professors:
Can you helpme with this transletion. Because some of my friends ask me this:
want to name him Kiran, but cannot find the exact Sanskrit translation.
"Kiran das" can be found on lists with names of devotees of Krishna,
but the meaning is never specified. Doing a search in Google brings up
"Ray of Light", "Beam of Light",
"Ray of the Sun", "Sun light", "Moon Light" etc. Some times
you can also find the name "Adhi Kiran das" (perhaps meaning the origin
of the sun light, but hey ... I don't know, I'm just guessing:)  Does anybody know what it means exactly in Sanskrit, and perhaps in
what context it is typically used linguistically? If someone would cut
it up in pieces, analyze it and feed it to me with a spoon

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As for last 20 years, a Sanskrit  introductory course  will again be taught as part of the Harvard Summer School,
from June 21 to August 6 (final exam).

For details please see:


Registration (and request for housing) start Feb. 22:

General information: <>

See you in late June!

M. WItzel

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