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Thanks Robert for the update and corrections;  I joined their discussion
group today and raised the question of converting the Hindi into Sanskrit.

Following your indication, I checked the Wiki, and found
as you said just the article by Dominik on Ayurveda, under Indigenous
Sciences, and variously extended frames.

Perhaps colleagues might be interested in uploading links to their already
published articles into the relevant categories? This might give a start to
making it a valuable cross-subject-domain resource.

James Hartzell
U. Trento

On Mon, Feb 1, 2010 at 3:36 PM, Prof. Dr. Robert J. Zydenbos <
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> Op 31.01.2010, om 09:26 heeft James Hartzell het volgende geschreven:
>  Not sure whether colleagues are conversant with this Sanskrit Wikipedia
>> link
>> (, and what the consensus opinion is;  from a very brief
>> look it appears only short articles for some entries, some partly in
>> Hindi.
>> It might be a good venü for centralizing links for Sanskrit digital
>> documents, audio recordings, videos, university websites, etc.
>> It was started last week by a team of Samskrita Bharati volunteers in
>> Bangalore
> Not quite: the _Academy_ had its first meeting a week ago. The Sanskrit
> Wikipedia is much older (I know, because I've written in it and corrected a
> bit of the sometimes embarrassingly poor Sanskrit too). I find the idea of a
> Sanskrit Wikipedia very sympathetic, but till now the quality both of
> language and of content leaves a thing or two to be desired. The fact that
> much of the information provided on the Wikipedia pages about the Sanskrit
> Wikipedia is not in Sanskrit, but in Hindi (why?...), is food for thought.
> (So let's help and do something about it! we who call ourselves
> Sanskritists!)
>  additionally, we might think of starting some pages on
> Nothing against that, but -- we also have our very own faq.indology.infoWiki, started by Dominik some time back. He seems to be the only person who
> has written a real article in it till now (I must hang my head in shame and
> confess I didn't get much further yet than extending the frame for
> - but I am
> working on something to upload. Really).
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