"Ritual Dyanamics and the Science of Ritual"

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Dear colleagues,

last week I partly announced the publication of the proceedings of the 
international conference "Ritual Dynamics  and the Science of Ritual" 
(Heidelberg 2008) of which many contributions deal with South Asia as you can 
see from the detailed table of contents in the attachment. I apologize for 

Contents (for a  more detailed table of content see the attachment)

Volume I Grammars and Morphologies of Ritual Practices in Asia (2010)
Section I:  Grammar and Morphology of Ritual
Editors: Axel Michaels (Heidelberg) & Anand Mishra (Heidelberg)
Section II: Ritual Discourse, Ritual Performance in China and Japan
Editors: Lucia Dolce, Gil Raz & Katja Triplett

Volume II Body, Performance, Agency and Experience (2010)
Section I: Ritual and Agency
Editor: Angelos Chaniotis (Princeton)
Section II: Ritual, Performance, and Event
Editor:  Silke Leopold and Hendrik Schulze (Heidelberg)
Section III: The Body and Food in Ritual
Editor: Eric Venbrux, Thomas Quartier and Joanna Wojtkowiak (Nijmegen)
Section IV: The Varieties of Ritual Experience
Editors: Jan Weinhold (Heidelberg) and Geoffrey Samuel (Cardiff)

Volume III State, Power and Violence (2010)
Section I: Ritual and Violence
Editor: Margo Kitts (Honolulu)
Section II: Rituals of Power and Consent
Editor: Bernd Schneidmüller (Heidelberg)
Section III: Usurping Ritual
Editors: Gerald Schwedler and Eleni Tounta (Zürich)
Section IV: State and Ritual in India
Editor:  Hermann Kulke and Uwe Skoda (Kiel)

Volume IV Reflexivity, Media and Visuality (2011)
Section I: Reflexivity and Discourse on Ritual
Editor: Udo Simon (Heidelberg)
Section II: Ritual and Media
Editor: Christiane Brosius and Karin Polit (Heidelberg)
Section III: Ritual and Visuality
Editors: Petra H. Rösch (Köln) and Corinna Wessels-Mevissen (Berlin)
Section IV: Ritual Design
Editor: Gregor Ahn (Heidelberg)

Volume V Transfer and spaces (2010)
Section I: Ritual Transfer
Editors: Gita Dharampal-Frick and Robert Langer (Heidelberg)
Section II: Ritualized Space and Objects of Sacrosanctity
Editor: Nils Holger Petersen (Kopenhagen)

Wiesbaden: Otto Harrassowitz Publishers, 2010-11. All volumes include a  
searchable E-Book version in PDF format on CD. A set price for all 5 volumes  is 

Prof. Dr. Axel Michaels
Co-Director Excellence Cluster "Asia and Europe in a Global Context", Sprecher 
des SFB 619 ("Ritualdynamik")

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Emails: sek-michaels at uni-heidelberg.de (SAI office) 
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