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Fri Dec 17 07:38:47 UTC 2010

Dear Arlo &c.,

On Fri, Dec 17, 2010 at 01:14:17AM -0600, Steven Lindquist wrote:

> Arlo: I assume you want a built-in font (or standard unicode font)
> to be able to share documents in word processor form, etc. without
> the need for the recipient to have an Indological font?
> I don't think this is possible for a tilde over an m or the
> chandrabindu, but r with a subscript dot must be possible (if only
> for the fact it appears properly in email on a Mac and can be
> copy-pasted properly in a document).  I use Gandhari and Gentium and
> I have never found a keystroke that creates it (keyboard viewer
> doesn't show it nor does the Word insert symbol function).

A long while ago I put together a file that enables Emacs users to
input utf8 characters -- and yes, thanks again to Stefan for showing
me how such a thing was possible. It works by using `postfix
modifiers' and is completely configurable depending on what one
prefers. All one needs to do is alter the file, adding keystrokes that
are convenient. For Emacs users out there, I'm attaching a copy.

There are also more details here:

 UTF-8 input framework for GNU Emacs: utf-8-input.el.

I have used this system for years on various UNIX systems. I take it
that it should also work with Emacs under Linux, Windows and on Macs.

Kind regards,



Richard MAHONEY - Indica et Buddhica

Littledene, Bay Road, OXFORD 7430, NZ
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