My Work on Unicorns

Gautama Vajracharya gvvajrac at WISC.EDU
Sat Dec 11 01:27:19 UTC 2010

As I mentioned in my unicorn article, the main point of my argument is 
based on the proper understanding of the meaning and significance of the 
Vedic words /par?s'a-asa/ and /s'aphau/. The /Atharvaveda/ 5.14.3 
clearly states that /pari-s'a-sa/ is a single object protruding above 
the skin of a /r.s'ya/. This object cannot be other than the single horn 
of the animal, because, except the horn, other organs that protrude from 
the body of an animal are not sturdy enough to make a pair of tongs 
known to Vedic people as /pari-s'a-sau/ or /s'aphau/. My critics, 
including Vedic specialists, gave no attention to this important point. 
However, I know very well that there are scholars, who have no problem 
understanding my arguments.
Gautama Vajracharya

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