Secondary sources on the 5-limbed adhikaraNa?

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Am 06.12.2010 um 21:27 schrieb Andrew Nicholson:

> Can you recommend an article or book chapter that goes into depth about 
> the division of the adhikaraNa into five parts? (viSaya, saMzaya, 
> pUrvapakSa, uttarapakSa, and saMgati, according to Mimamsakas; the 
> Vedantins do it slightly differently.) Articles that take a comparative 
> perspective would also be welcome (for instance, comparing this shastric 
> format to Socratic dialogue).
> Surprisingly, Esther Solomon's _Indian Dialectics_ has almost nothing to 
> say about the Mimamsaka or Vedanta understanding of the 5 members of the 
> adhikaraNa.

I don't know a single one-stop solution, but can only give some scattered references in non-philosophical literature. In the beginning of the 15 chapter, the Arthaśāstra lists 32 tantrayuktis as "devices of scientific treatment" and gives short explanations of them. Without viṣaya and saṃgati, all other terms appear here verbatim, too. 

In Les sources du droit dans le système traditionnel de l'Inde, Robert Lingat compares the Mimamsa adhikaranas to juridical procedures, see the Engl. translation, p. 149 seqq. (The classical law of India / Robert Lingat ; transl. from the French with additions by J. Duncan M. Derrett. - Berkeley  [et al.] : University of California Press, 1973)

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