Secondary sources on the 5-limbed adhikaraNa?

Andrew Nicholson andrew.nicholson at STONYBROOK.EDU
Mon Dec 6 20:27:07 UTC 2010

Dear colleagues,

Can you recommend an article or book chapter that goes into depth about 
the division of the adhikaraNa into five parts? (viSaya, saMzaya, 
pUrvapakSa, uttarapakSa, and saMgati, according to Mimamsakas; the 
Vedantins do it slightly differently.) Articles that take a comparative 
perspective would also be welcome (for instance, comparing this shastric 
format to Socratic dialogue).

Surprisingly, Esther Solomon's _Indian Dialectics_ has almost nothing to 
say about the Mimamsaka or Vedanta understanding of the 5 members of the 

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