Looking for Hemaprabha S ūri's Trailokyaprakāś a (etc.)

Martin Gansten martin.gansten at PBHOME.SE
Fri Aug 13 16:46:57 UTC 2010

I have been trying for some time, so far unsuccessfully, to procure a 
copy (printed, photocopied or scanned) of the Trailokyaprakāśa by 
Hemaprabha Sūri. Apart from the edition mentioned by Pingree (New Delhi 
1967), I am aware only of a 1980 edition (with Hindi translation) 
published by the Jamnagar Jain Sangh.

Even more elusive is the Tājikatantrasāra (aka Gaṇakabhūṣaṇa, aka 
Karmaprakāśikā, aka Mānuṣyajātaka) by Samarasiṃha. Here I know of only 
one edition (with Nīlakaṇṭha's Tājikanīlakaṇṭhī, Meraṭha 1866).

Any help with locating either of these texts would be greatly appreciated.

Martin Gansten

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