Sorting Paragraphs

Wed Aug 11 02:21:00 UTC 2010

Dear Philipp,

It might be worth looking at initially manipulating your material in a
simple unicode encoded text file and only later -- once you're happy
with what you have -- transfering the material to a RTF file. You
might also find this Perl script useful. It will run under any system
with Perl and the Sort::ArbBiLex module.

 Sort utf-8 Sanskrit
 Arbitrary lexicographic sorting: Sort UTF-8 encoded Romanised

One directory up there is also a script for sorting Wylie
translit. Tibetan.

Kind regards,


On Tue, Aug 10, 2010 at 02:21:47PM +0200, Philipp Maas wrote:
> Dear Colleagues,
> I am currently preparing a glossary of Sanskrit terms in transliteration,
> for which I would like to use a software that sorts paragraphs automatically
> in a sequence according to the Sanskrit alphabet. I am working with a
> Unicode font and a Windows operating system. The software (share- or freeware
> preferred) should be RTF compatible in order to preserve the font formats of
> the original file.
> Any suggestions?
> With many thanks in advance and best regards,
> Philipp Maas


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