Jaina Krishna Quest

Christophe Vielle christophe.vielle at UCLOUVAIN.BE
Tue Aug 10 13:21:40 UTC 2010

See the textual references in
Eva De Clercq, "The Jaina Hariva.m/sa and 
Mahaabhaarata Tradition: a Preliminary Study", 
pp. 399-421,
and André Couture, "The Reception of K.r.s.na's 
Childhood in Three Jain Sanskrit Texts", pp. 
in Petteri Koskikallio ed. 2009, Parallels and 
Comparisons: Proceedings of the Fourth Dubrovnik 
International Conference on the Sanskrit Epics 
and Puraa.nas, September 2005, Zagreb: Croation 
Academy of Science and Arts (gen. ed. Mislav 

>  Honorable Colleagues:
>Some of you could spend the quotations in the 
>Jains books, where Krishna Vasudeva was listed 
>as one of the Tirthakaras? Also if you have the 
>literal quotations of Lalitavitsara where 
>Krishna also mentions, but in English please?
>Lic. M.A. Horacio Francisco Arganis Juárez
>Catedrático Investigador de la Universidad
>Internacional Euroamericana.
>Departamento de Filosofía y Religión Comparada.
>Miembro del Instituto de Estudios Filosóficos de Saltillo A. C.


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