Utopia / Dystopia

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Look into the decsriptions of the state of affairs before the introduction of private property in the Diighanikaaya and the Mahaabhaarata; crit.ed. ref not known to me at present; also relevant are the Puranic descriptions of the Satyayuga. Prior to that sometimes it becomes necessary to format the hard disk just to remove the ideas introduced by Francois Bernier and followed up by F.Engels.  
For dystopian ideas R.C.Hazra's Puranic records of Hindu rites and customsI, ch. on the Puranic description of the Kali age. The present writer's treatment of the same (2004) is in Bengali.
. Best DB
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Dear Indologists,

I am looking for possible distinctive descriptions of utopias / dystopias in Indian literature. I hope to find something that might parallel ideas in Plato's Republic or Thomas More's Utopia.

I am looking for descriptions of self-contained paradigmatic societies- either ideal or wretched.

Any ideas would be most welcome.

I hope that wherever you are it is cooler than New Delhi!

Mary Storm

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