Corroboration for the Tamil Confederacy mentioned by Kharavela

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Regarding Karūr, a recent useful book to consult is the two-volume

/Catalogue of Archaeological Sites in Tamil Nadu/, K. Rajan, V.P. 
Yathees Kumar, S. Selvakumar,
Heritage India Trust, Thanjavur, 2009.
(with a preface by Y. Subbarayalu)

ISBN: 978-81-907451-1-6 (Vol.1)

ISBN: 978-81-907451-2-3 (Vol. 2)

Inside the section "Archaeology of Amaravathi, Noyyal and Bhavani river 
valley", professor K. Rajan writes (p.30):

"This region was under the control of Chēras whose first capital Vañji 
was on the banks of river Periyar in the district Trichur and the second 
capital Karūr was on the left bank of river Amaravathi at its confluence 
with river Kaveri. Both the capitals were connected with a 
well-established trade route that connected through Palghat pass on its 
west and with Kāvēripaṭṭiṉam on the east through Chōḻa capital Uṟaiyūr 
along the river Kāvēri".

The book provides a lot of up-to-date information on 1995 sites.
For the modern Karur district, 86 sites are listed (site N° 732 to site 
N° 817) on pp.265-292
(with precise location and bibliography).

-- Jean-Luc Chevillard

Christophe Vielle a écrit :
> The problem remains the location of this karuvUr/karUr.
> See K.T. Ravi Varma, On the original home of CEras and the wandering 
> Vañci, Kottayam, 1998, pp. 103 sq. (at least for the survey of the 
> debate about the location).
> Christophe Vielle
>> Dear TP,
>> Yes, the early capital of the cEra kings was karuvUr/karUr.
>> Regards,
>> Palaniappan
>> In a message dated 9/27/2009 2:34:27 P.M. Central Daylight Time, 
>> tmahadevan at HOWARD.EDU writes:
>> Hello Palaniappan:
>> I just got back from India by was of Kyoto and World Sanskrit 
>> Conference.
>> I find this article very interesting and stimulating. It has helped me
>> clarify the "mUvEndar" idea,in the Sangam period. Would you place the 
>> CEras
>> at Karur?
>> Best, TP

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