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Alberto Todeschini at8u at VIRGINIA.EDU
Fri Sep 4 12:58:17 UTC 2009

Dear James,

I've just seen your post to the Indology list and I wonder if I may be
so bold as to inquire about Rovereto. I imagine that you meant the
Rovereto that is about 20Km from Trento.

My name is Alberto Todeschini and I'm finishing a PhD in Indian Buddhism
at the University of Virginia. I'll spend the next few months in
Lausanne and Vienna.

I'm actually from Trento and I'll be there to see my parents during the
second half of this month.

Anyway, I was just curious to know about the connection between Rovereto
and Sanskrit. I know that occasionally Sanskrit introductions have been
taught at the university of Trento, but I don't know by whom.


Alberto Todeschini

 Hartzell wrote:
> Colleagues
> During work at the University of Manitoba (Winnipeg, Canada) this past year,
> I began developing material for an online first year Sanskrit course with
> the Distance and Online Education Division.
> We plan to run the course beginning in May 2010.  It will be a full six
> credit (two semester) course, covering the material needed for 1st year
> Sanskrit credit.  Arrangements may be made with the University of Manitoba
> and the student's home institution for credit transfer (usually by a simple
> letter of permission from the home institution).  Links to the course flyers
> and further information may be found at
> Please distribute to all interested parties.  The likelihood of the course
> running will be increased with increased enrollment.
> My best regards to colleagues at Kyoto.  We've been busy with a move to
> Italy, so unable to attend.
> Cheers
> James Hartzell
> Rovereto, Italy

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